Welcome to Red5Host, Providing Reliable Hosting Solutions

Strictly no refunds will be made to red5 hosting accounts once wowza and red5 rtmp is initiated.
Dedicated ip and ssl certs are non refundable.
WOWZA addons are none refundable as is red5 rtmp setup.

Check first if we support your script, and always check your junk mail for server and support ticket emails as some clients don’t check them and blame us for non communication.

Communicate clearly with us, supply us red5 apps and read instructions. We do our best to communicate with you and expect the same courtesy. Be nice and courteous and patient, DONT BE Rude and impatient, abusive clients will be suspended and or blocked from our services. We have zero toleration for bad behavior and arrogant threats.

We also do not jump at “this is urgent”, “client angry” “we need re5 now” especially on shared servers as install requires server reboot meaning other clients go offline whilst server reboots for you. So we choose opportune time so be patient and above all we work to your requirements, we are here to see you happy not angry and we except the same from you.

Don’t compare us to setup delays and other sites, we do specialty red5 and wowza so give us time to configure properly, each client has different uses so during setup it could take up to a wekk to finalize settings to run at best. We don’t do code or install scripts, we do manage your red5 and wowza so please if you have script get author of script to install.

Niceness goes along way with us and we will bend over backwards to accommodate you in your endeavors. Any issues let us know, payment issues let us know. Communicate and we will work with you.

If your accounts are auto renewal regardless of cancellation with us please terminate paypal and 2checkout auto renewal payments  saves us the headache as well as you.

We look forward to meeting you and the clients we have had the longest are courteous, communicate and are just nice people. The nicer you are we guarantee benefits